Kingdom Spa is not your conventional spa dealer. We are not going to sell you expensive body care products and charge prices only the affluent can afford.  We build custom natural wood-fired saunas and hot tubs with local northern white cedar so you can relax in simplicity.

Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont along the Barton River, Kingdom Spa offers a traditional Norwegian sauna experience, with a wood-fired stove, Vulcanite volcanic rock, and a locally harvested and milled cedar interior.  Ladle the water over the rocks and feel the steam penetrate your pores.  We can build saunas inside current structures or stand-alone. We can construct saunas for 4, 8, or 12 users with multiple level benches. There is no need for any electricity to operate the saunas.

The Hot Tub is heated using a Japanese Chofu wood-fired stove, which uses no electricity but rather thermo-siphon to transfer heat to the water.  One of the primary problem with conventional hot tubs is the toxic brew of chemicals needed to keep the water clean.  There is no need for chemicals to be used in our system.  Rather, each user gets fresh water and the tub is cleaned between uses.  The water can be used to water the gardens via gravity feed. And you don’t waste energy heating the water between uses.